Voting Patterns in India | Praveen Chakravarty | TEDxMDAE

The 2014 elections in India are considered to be landslide elections. But, were they really? What does data tell us? Watch to find out. Praveen Chakravarty is a Visiting Senior Fellow in Political Economy at IDFC Institute. His work focuses on analysing electoral data to glean insights to aid policy making. He is also working on a book that presents Indian society through the prism of voter choices. He is also a member of the Primary Markets committee of the Securities & Exchange Board of India, an independent Director in the TVS Group of companies and BSE Institute. He also co-founded Mumbai Angels, India’s largest angel investing group. He has been an investor and mentor to several successful, innovative startups. He is also the Founding Trustee of IndiaSpend, India’s first non-profit data journalism initiative that heralded the data journalism culture in mainstream media. He is a board member of Centre for Civil Society, a private think-tank.

Published on 04 July, 2016 in IndiaSpend

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