StartUp Investing

Prior to entering public life, Praveen Chakravarty was an active angel investor in innovative startups. His strong conviction in disruption through innovation prompted him to become an angel investor in 2006 and take risky, bold bets.He was ranked among the country’s top 5 angel investors

Chakravarty was a co-founder of Mumbai Angels which grew to become the country’s most active angel investing group.

He was the founding investor and board member of inMobi, India’s first unicorn.

His other direct investments were ZipDial (acquired by Twitter), VCCircle (acquired by News Corp), Speakwell (acquired by Gray Matters Inc), mSwipe, Furtados School of Music, Springboard, AtYourPrice and a dozen others.

He is also an investor in other venture capital funds focused on consumer innovation.

He continues to believe strongly in the inevitable forces of “Schumpeterian creative destruction” and the transformation it can unleash across all sectors – business, arts, politics, military etc.