Praveen Chakravarty On Economic Survey 2016-17
Praveen Chakravarty offers 8 interesting observations about the Economic Survey 2016-17.
Libraries Of Leaders: What Our Columnists Read In 2016
Praveen Chakravarty's favourite books from 2016.
The Silent Role of Credit Ratings in India’s Bad Loan Crisis
Praveen Chakravarty sparks a new debate and questions why credit rating agencies and equity analysts...
Noise To Signal – Praveen Chakravarty
Praveen Chakravarty's column for BloombergQuent - Noise to Signal
Voting Patterns in India | Praveen Chakravarty | TEDxMDAE
The 2014 elections in India are considered to be landslide elections. But, were they really? What does...
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