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Manmohan and Praveen chakravrty

Rebuild India’s confidence, revive the economy – coauthored with former Prime Minister of India, Dr.Manmohan Singh

These are extraordinarily difficult times for our nation and the world.
These are extraordinarily difficult times for our nation and the world. People are gripped with the fear of disease and death from COVID-19. This fear is ubiquitous and transcends geography, religion and class. The inability of nations to control the spread of the novel coronavirus and the lack of a confirmed cure for the disease have exacerbated people’s concerns.

praveen chakravarty & chindharam

A blueprint to revive the economy (Co-authored with P. Chidambaram)

A carefully crafted economic proposal for consideration of the Indian government to help our fellow citizens
“We have no food, no home, no income. My children are starving,” cried Prachi to a TV anchor on April 14. Prachi, a migrant worker from Bihar, is one of the roughly 400 million workers in India who are dependent on daily wages for their survival.

Why the distortions built into GST are coming undone

Had there been a proportional representation of voting in the GST council either as a proportion of the size of a state or by its contribution to the GST revenue pool, Covid products would have been tax free by now.

Alarming inequality, failing health care and border tensions loom large and the economic situation needs full attention

As the country prepares to enter a new financial year after an ominous and gloomy 2020-21, there are great expectations about green shoots and the shape of the economic recovery. The havoc wreaked by the novel coronavirus pandemic on people’s lives and livelihoods is deep and enormous.


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